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Our Mission

Good Wood’s mission is to empower children through the principles of Montessori education, sensory integration, and movement. We believe in providing a nurturing environment where children can develop their full potential, fostering independence, creativity, and a love for learning. By embracing the importance of sensory experiences and integrating movement into daily activities, we aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are confident, adaptable, and equipped with essential life skills. We are dedicated to supporting each child’s unique journey, creating a foundation for lifelong success and happiness.

The Brand

Good Wood is a family brand. We create playgrounds for children: multifunctional, naturally supporting their motor skills, sensory integration, and creativity.

Good Wood was created because we wanted to create something special for our loved ones. We were looking for something that would allow our sons to develop properly,. Have a lot of movement and above all have fun. We like design, and we value good taste and that’s why we decided to focus on warm, natural wood, which we love.

Humble beginnings!

When I was pregnant, I read a lot about the proper development of children and how to support them wisely. A newborn is only able to control specific muscles. And then a little miracle happens – the baby starts to control his body movements. Isn’t that wonderful and unusual?

The idea was born out of a dream of a nice, perfectly safe rocker for children. In the beginning, the future product was simply a piece of furniture made with the help of our family, only for the needs of our sons. Very soon it turned out that a rocker is great fun – not only for the youngest. Positive opinions of our loved ones, their support, and help encouraged us to take up the challenge and create the Good Wood brand.

What’s the most important thing about all this? We put quality and safety first. After all, we create for the most important people in our lives – children!

With love from

Magda Godziszko

Meet the Founders

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    Magda Godziszko

    Founder & CEO

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Telephone: + 48 512 262 710


Poznanska 120,

Lowicz, Poland

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