SootheStone – the power of heathy seat


SootheStone is not only a functional and beautiful sensory seat but also a soothing tool for the development of children and their caregivers.

This morphing and creative seat not only provides a soothing experience but also supports joints, massages muscles, and enhances the sense of balance and visual-motor coordination. It is perfect as a part of a sensory path, offering a soothing environment for children to explore and engage in activities. Thanks to this object, we can spend more quality time with our child on the floor, enjoying the soothing benefits it provides.


SootheStone – contributes to the proper development of preschool and school-aged children.

It provides support in areas such as:

  • Developing gross motor skills
  • Enhancing hand-eye coordination
  • Improving the sense of balance

A healthy seat means a healthy spine!

Working with sensory puffs can be part of corrective gymnastics or spatial movement activities. These products also serve as a healthy seat for children with weak postural muscles. They are excellent support for parents engaging in playtime at home, providing support for shoulder, hip, and elbow joints, as well as comfortable seating between standing and sitting positions.


Sensory accessories of this kind are great equipment for physiotherapy clinics, schools, and preschools.

These products interact with the nervous system, stimulating movement and promoting body awareness.

Working with sensory puffs enhances concentration and fosters creative thinking during play. Many children feel calm and relaxed after using sensory puffs.


SootheStone basic:

weight: 9,5 kg
diameter: 45-55 cm
Height: 25-30 cm


SootheStone small:

weight: 6 kg
Diameter: 35-45 cm
Height: 25-35 cm

Weight N/A

Basic, Small


Dark Graphite, Grey (ash), Lazur, Orange, Raspberry

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